Recent changes to tea industry regulations in Taiwan

In recent years, the Taiwanese Government Department of Agriculture in conjunction with the government subsidized Tea Research Extension Station (TRES) and local farmers’ associations, have promoted analysis of chemical residues (left from weed killers, pesticides and fertilizers) in harvested tea leaves by providing free random testing of tea samples collected in factories during harvest times. The tea competitions held by farmers’ associations and other tea trade organizations also do random testings of tea leaves submitted by competition participants.

This has compelled farmers to ensure that their farming methods are well within the standard regulations that are used internationally for import/export qualifications. The fact that inspection of samples has become a common practice is a significant supporting factor in our endeavor to promote sustainable practice.

Along with this, a standardized inspection of tea factories has been established that provides a graded score of one to five stars. A five star rating in Taiwan surpasses all international standard.

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