Are there any political issues surrounding tea in Taiwan?

"I've been curious for awhile, are there any political issues surrounding tea in Taiwan? (related to taxes, unions etc)"

The politics around tea that exist have not been an issue that has directly affected the world of tea that we know, other than in a broad economic sense. Basically, the popularization of Taiwan teas has created a proliferation of Taiwan style tea production in many other Asian countries. This has affected the industry here in the sense these teas are being imported back into Taiwan from abroad and being falsely advertised and sold as Taiwan tea. As a result, the quality and verification of the source of tea has been compromised. We are not directly affected in this way because we source from privately run sources that we know and trust based on many years of established connections.

For less about political and more about industry trends that have an affect, check this blog post on ’Recent Trends in the Taiwan Tea Industry'

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