What is Dong Pian Cha (冬片茶)?

冬片茶 or "Dong Pian Cha" is a name that describes leaves that grew later in the season and never reached full maturity before the plant starts to go into winter dormancy. It is typical that theseLeaves were picked very young compared to normal harvests. 

Brewing notes: There can be a kind of powdery substance on young leaf buds that can be noticed in brewed tea a couple of ways. One is in floating particles on the surface of the liquid that looks like dust or very fine fibers. The other is when particularly young leaves are first infused with hot water, the fine fibers on the new leaf buds can cause fizzing and bubbling upon first contact with boiling water. 

This bubbling is harmless but if you would like to avoid it try using just under boiling temperature water. Pour the boiled water from the kettle into the tea pitcher first and then immediately into the teapot with leaves.This should bring the temp down to about 90 degrees C and may decrease the fizzy factor from the new leaf bud fibers.

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