Terroir: Phoenix Village, Lugu, Taiwan

Phoenix Village, Lugu, Taiwan.

Phoenix Village has some of the earliest history of Traditional Oolong Tea production. The earth here is a distinct reddish color and is renowned for its rich soil content that produces particularly flavorful tea. We have found the tea produced on on this ridge that rises above Dong Ding Mountain on the north side of Lugu (which translates as Deer Valley) overall to be our single most favorite flavor and character of all teas. The climate here is distinctly cooler than Central Lugu and experiences more weather variations such as fog intensity and rainfall where the moist heat builds to that elevation and drops, but often not at lower elevations. We feel the climate here is specifically related to the character of the tea that grows out of this relatively rare red soil.

Teas from this area: Longan charcoal roasted Dong Ding Oolong, Dong Ding Oolong, Concubine Oolong. 

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