Terrior: Songbolin, Mingjian Township

Songbolin, Mingjian Township

This region has produced tea for decades. It is within the low elevation stratum (below 500m), but it has the benefit of being adjacent to the longest river in Taiwan (Zuoshuixi) that flows out of the Shanlinxi mountainous region. Given that this tea growing region is situated between this river and a long ridge called Bagua Mountain (Bagua is the name in Mandarin for the octagonal figure made up of eight trigrams http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagua ), this geography is conducive to frequent fog and and increased variation in daily temperatures - which is beneficial in tea cultivation. 

This region is also known for its mineral-rich soil composition. The earth here is a distinct reddish color, just as it is in Phoenix Valley in Lugu - which is renowned for its rich soil content that produces particularly flavorful tea. In my experience, I haven't seen this red soil at higher elevations than Phoenix Village, and further up that valley, reaching over 800m elevation. Even within Lugu Township, there are only specific locations that this type of soil is found. 

Teas from this area: Tsui Yu Jade Oolong, Jin Xuan Oolong, Four Seasons Spring Oolong. 

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