What is Jade Oolong?

Jade Oolong is a translation of the hybrid strain registered at the Tea Research and Extension Station (TRES) in Taiwan as Tai Cha #13, which has been given the name "Tsui Yu", meaning "Blue-Green Jade".

Tsui Yu is grown at both low and high elevations and mostly processed in the fashion of High Mountain Oolong (minimally oxidized and unroasted). However, the leaves can also be allowed to oxidize more in preparation for post-production roasting to produce a tea that is more akin to Dong Ding Oolong. 

Tsui Yu Oolong is known for its distinct herbal/flowery aroma and flavor and is especially enjoyed among tea lovers who have not already become accustomed to the more subtle "Qing Xin" strain of Oolong that is most popular in Taiwan.

Tsui Yu is a very versatile tea that occasionally produces an extraordinary batch that is unique in quality and character. It is perhaps one of the most interesting of the more widely used hybrid varietals in Taiwan in that it has a distinct character that accommodates a broad spectrum of cultivation and production methods.

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