How long will Eco-Cha tea stay fresh?

Before opening

If unopened and stored properly in the original vacuum sealed packaging loose-leaf tea will stay fresh for 1-3 years from the harvest date. Usually more than two years. Roasted tea will last even longer.

Before the tea is opened, the vacuum sealed bags we use are the best way to keep the tea fresh. They are vacuum sealed immediately after harvest with no air in the package. Taiwan gets very humid and this method is used here to make sure tea keeps fresh. 

After you open the bag take care to make sure moisture stays out. We use a type of clip that seals the bag very well.

After opening 

Tea does not go bad even after it is opened but it will lose its fragrant quality over time. and most people will finish a bag of tea before it looses freshness. 

If it is kept in an airtight container it should stay fresh for 2 to 3 months, longer if it is a roasted tea. 

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