Curing clay teapots before use

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Why cure clay teapots before use 
In Chinese they say "開壺" or "open pot". This is done to infuse the clay with tea residue so that the clay is cured and ready to use for brewing tea. If you do not cure the pot the first brews may have a clay flavor.
The second reason for curing is to remove any wax coating that may have been used to make the pots look shinier or more presentable. It is also possible that the pots are polished with a coloring. You can detect that by boiling the pot and then rubbing it with a cloth. 
How to cure clay teapots before use 

Simply put the pots in room temperature water in a large soup pot, add tea leaves, and slowly bring to a boil. When the water reaches a boil it turn it off and let the pots soak for several hours. You can then rub the pots with a cloth to remove any extra residue. 

Then...brew tea! 

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